Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Month of Gratitude Day 2: Coke

Oh my love for carbonated/caffeinated drinks is not good.  But I feel like my days go much better if I get to drink my coke in the morning! Especially having a baby that doesn't sleep, ever, caffeine is basically a food group around my house. It definitely isn't good for me, but I feel like it helps me get through my day and overall makes me happier so I will take it!  My favorite drink place is Fiiz, which is conveniently very close to my house.  So let's just say I am a frequent visitor there. But their coke is really good, and their ice (The tiny ice my family calls poop ice) and their styrofoam cups are an added bonus. One day I will quit drinking... until then, it's something that I am grateful for! Hey, Oakley has her drink and I have mine! :)

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