Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bump Date Week 17

My first official bump date post! I started my 18th week today, but here is a little about week 17. I couldn't do a bump date sooner because I didn't have really a bump yet! It's popped up the past few weeks! 

How far along: 17 weeks in these pictures!
Baby size: Sweet potato- Approximately 5 1/2 inches long!
Baby is: Developing yawning and hiccuping skills this week
Weight gain: 5 pounds so far!!
Maternity Clothes? Not really. I got a few maternity shirts that I have worn just because they are cute! I am in a super awkward stage. My normal clothes are getting slightly tight but my maternity pants I bought are still huge. Luckily my belly is sitting a little higher so I can low ride all my pants a little and still wear them! And let's be honest here, I wear leggings everyday of my life anyways so its not really a change. :) I am definitely running out of church clothes though! Pencil skirts and belly don't work so well.
Belly button: Okay, this was a fear for me. I hate prego belly buttons, but mine is totally getting super shallow and is probably going to pop out soon!! Ah!
Sleep: Not great, poor stef, I take up the entire bed and I am always tossing and turning. He isn't getting much sleep either because of it. He always gets up, makes me food during the night and brings me water if I need it. He's such a cutie. Oh and I can't sleep on my belly anymore, which is annoying because I cannot get comfortable unless I am taking up 90% of the bed.
Moments of the week: For the first time, someone asked me if I was pregnant! I am in the super awkward fat stage where its not really a belly, more just looks like I am bloated and rockin' some more pounds. But a customer at work actually asked me! Haha so luckily the answer was yes.  But when they asked when I was due I said "what?" and pretended like I wasn't pregnant... His face went white and I busted out laughing. Also, people keep touching my belly who know that I am pregnant. Which doesn't bother me. But I feel like they are just touching my muffin top. So I am excited for it to be a little bigger and not so chubby looking.
Pregnancy Symptoms: Migraines! Slowly getting better. Also, I can actually brush my teeth without dry heaving after for ten minutes which is usually what happens.
Cravings: Tonight, I made Stef run to the gas station for some Trolli candy eggs... they were sold out... so I settled for some gummy bears!
Movement: I felt the baby move for the first time this week!! Direct quote from my mouth "STEF! I think I just felt the baby move!!! Or maybe that was gas..." Haha but when I am laying down and not moving I will occasionally feel baby move which is exciting!!
Things that make me sick: Smells. Seriously why does everything have to smell gross.  I can't even open my pantry without holding my breath. And seriously either my dog has been eating something nasty or I just notice that she farts way more... Because it makes me so sick!!
Gender: So I wasn't going to post this, because it isn't 100% but I am going to post it anyways.  A few weeks ago I was getting impatient so we went to fetal fotos!! They couldn't get a great shot, so that is why I haven't told many people yet. But they think it is a girl!! We find out for sure on Dec. 29th.  I was convinced we were having a boy, so I was a little shocked! But very excited either way!:)
Looking forward to: I really want Stefan to be able to feel the baby kick. So I am definitely looking forward to that!!
Stefan: Is adjusting to the thought of having a baby! He is starting to get really excited.  My favorite thing is when he talks to my belly. I think it is adorable. He is such an awesome man, I cannot say that enough!! Love you Stef.

So far, so good! Pregnancy is great. I mean, I have my days. But I am looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. Check out the post before for first trimester and more!

New addition coming May!- First trimester recap!

It's true, coming May 2015 Stefan and I will be parents.  That is so crazy to think! I would of never thought that I would be where I am right now in my life at only the age of 20. I am just a little baby! Now preparing for a baby of my own. Today I hit my 18 week mark which seems crazy to me! We are so excited!

So I will start at the beginning, well not the very beginning, I think we can skip that part. ;) Back in September I started having really really bad cramps. Like so bad, I couldn't sleep or really move much and they came on really sudden.  The last thought I had was that I could possibly be pregnant.  But Stefan was starting to get a little worried and told me I needed to ask my mom what I should do.  When in doubt, always ask Bonnie! My mom was in California at the time, so I called her and told her about my pain and how sick it was making me.  Because of other health problems that I will write about another day, I was used to having abdominal pain the majority of the time, but this was different. My mom told me that something similar happened to her when she was pregnant and told me to take a pregnancy test.  It was Sunday morning and we were getting ready to go to church. Stefan and I were freaking out a little bit to think that I could possibly be pregnant. We ran to the store and went straight to church, without taking the test.  I couldn't focus at all the entire day at church! I was freaking out on the inside.  Right when we got home I took one of the tests.  Stefan came into the bathroom and the test was sitting on the counter, I was too scared to look at it and I hadn't waited the waiting time yet. Stef looked down and his face goes white. "Oh my gosh" and I was like "Stef, it has to have a plus sign to be positive" and his response was "THAT IS A FREAKING POSITIVE!" My heart dropped! Of course I am the most baby person in the world, I was overjoyed, but in that moment I was literally in shock. A few hours later I took another test, just to be sure.  Then immediately called my mom, because she already knew I was taking one.  The conversation started as "Mom, don't be mad." Haha now I think back on that I think it's so funny that is how I started it.  I mean, it's not like I was doing anything wrong! Up to this time I had joked that Stefan, my mom and my doctor had an 'anti Jessi having a baby right now' club. Because of my health it isn't necessarily an ideal time, but obviously Heavenly Father has a different plan in mind.  Back to that Sunday, I am WAY too impatient to even find out if I was for sure pregnant. I already told my mom, so of course being the impatient person I am, we called all our family.

The next day I went to the doctor, and they told me I definitely was pregnant! They got me in quickly to get an ultrasound because of the severe pain I was having, they didn't find anything wrong. They told me they didn't know what exactly was causing the pain and to just take things easy.  They did a few more ultrasounds over the next few weeks and a week or so later, I had taken things easy, gotten many priesthood blessings from my amazing husband and dad and my pain got much better, I could sleep through the night again.  I still have been having some pain, but I have had quite a few more ultrasounds and they still don't know what exactly is causing my pain, but it has gotten a lot better.

Now, I told you every detail of the first few weeks, here is a little first trimester recap.
Pregnancy Symptoms: overall I have felt pretty good.  I am used to being sick so not much has changed that much.  I DEFINITELY had been way more tired and more nauseous but luckily didn't throw up too much.  If I was throwing up, it was constantly all day, not just in the morning. Or I was fine all day! So that was weird. Pain was definitely the worst part, but has been getting better. Also, I am basically Satan. Poor Stefan, I swear I am not even making sense, I am so grumpy and all of a sudden will start sobbing. Stefan told me the other day I should probably not try to make friends while I am pregnant because I don't really like people. So, I apologize if I haven't been nice to you. I really am trying.
I am loving essential oils right now. They are the only thing that help me! For nausea, I have been using my new favorite oil Cardamom, it has been helping a ton! Also, I have been taking the peppermint beadlets when I start to feel nauseous and it help so much. For my hormonal mood swings I am relying on Serenity, geranium and lavender, I just put them on my forearms and neck so I am smell them. Also, I have had non-stop stuffy noses and so I have been putting Breathe on the ridge of my nose and chest. All have been life savers!! All my oils can be found here.  Especially cause you can't take a ton of things while you are pregnant! I swear by them, even if it is just in my head:)
Cravings: the first few weeks, and even before I knew I was pregnant, all I wanted was guacamole! Three meals a day.  I have also wanted sausage mcmuffins from McDonalds basically every morning, and I wish they served them all day! I will have random cravings and we try to always go and get them. Also, I go through about one and a half gallons of milk a week, just by myself. I can't have lactose so I drink lactose free milk, so it is kind of an expensive craving:/ My baby has been taking all my nutrients away so I have been trying to eat as much as possible, which is hard when you don't feel good! So we are focusing now on trying to eat more protein especially, but foods to keep both me and the baby nice and healthy! I always get hungry at like 9:30 every night which is super weird! But that is the only time of day I ever really am hungry, I am usually having to force feed myself.
Stefan: I am convinced I have married the best man around.  He already has to take care of me so much, but he has really been my rock through this whole thing! He is constantly running errands to get the food I want, making me food at all the weird hours of they day, giving me probably 6 back massages a day, helping a ton with laundry and the house so I don't have to worry about it, really just being absolutely amazing. He has to deal with my crazy hormonal side, and he still has never said a negative or rude word to me about anything. I definitely lucked out with this one!! He was a little stressed when we first found out I am pregnant. But he is coming around to the idea and he is very excited. He will be the cutest dad.

Overall, things are going great! Second trimester everyone says gets easier, but it has just brought a whole new twist to things! I am trying to stay positive and not be a complainer, but it is hard when you are hormonal. But I definitely am getting less tired and not so nauseous! I have just had killer migraines which is no bueno. My mom has also been a lifesaver! She is always helping me out with things and bringing me things when I am not doing good. Also my cute sister Amy for all my constant pregnancy questions haha. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life! Pregnancy really is great.  I really am loving it so I hope this post doesn't sound like I am complaining.  I am so excited for this next chapter in our lives and I look forward to every minute of it.