Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 8: Best friends!

Of course Stefan is my best friend, along with my mom and sister.  But every girl needs some girl best friends! I have the best two ever.  They both served missions the first bit I was married. I am so happy they both got home soon before Oakley was born.  She is lucky to have two extra aunts! I was telling someone the other day that you have a baby and you realize who your true friends are. They have still stuck with me! And we talk almost every day.  I never was a girl friend type person. In high school I had a rough time with girls and  I really lost all of my close girls friends.  Even though I went to high school with both of them, we really became friends after.  Jenni and I became best friends on our Europe trip. And Kylee and I became best friends in college up at good ole Weber State. I look up to both of these girls so much! They are amazing with personalities that anyone would love and testimonies that radiate! I don't know what I would do without them! We were lucky to do a trip together before they both left and I got married. Even though they weren't really friends before, I am so happy that they both came and we had an awesome time!

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  1. You're so cute, Jess! I absolutely love your blog! Miss you and hope you are doing well!