Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Whiskey Creek!

Stefan's uncle owns a huge ranch in Idaho called Whiskey Creek and were able to go up there this weekend with Stefan's family! It is so nice there, I would live there if I could! We had a blast shooting, four wheeling, swimming and lava, playing games, and my new found favorite thing GEOCACHING! Who knew that was a thing and who knew it was so much fun?! My sister-in-law Kelly's fiancĂ© Cody is into it and so Stefan, Paige, Kelly, Cody and I went on a little adventure and it was so much fun!! Paige found it at the ice caves.  For those of you like me who don't know what it is…. Basically its a treasure hunt! There is some website where people post the coordinates and you put it in your GPS and go find it.  It's just like a small container or something that has a list of names and you sign your "geocaching user name" and the date.  It sounds weird… because it is… but obviously I am not a professional at this as you could tell from my attempt to explain it. Just take my word, it's fun! I didn't take very many pictures… but here is a few!

Notice my freaking cute Deathly Hallows hat that my cute sister in law Paige made for me!!

We took this picture at the fish hatchery! Which is disgusting how many fish there are, but kinda cool!

Families are Forever

My dear grandma LaRae passed away about a week and a half ago and last week we had her funeral.  I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that I can be with my family forever and that this isn't the end. I had the opportunity to give the eulogy at the funeral, it was great to reflect on the great times I had with my grandma.  I would always go and stay at her house and growing up I always loved it.  It was a beautiful funeral and we couldn't of had a better day!

For the funeral I was in charge of the table decorations and so I went through tons of pictures to find some for the tables and I found this cute one of my dad when he was little!! I love it!!

At the viewing, Blake helping Callie 

And Lucy and Blake dancing

Logan and his mad skills

Our photobomber Logan

The original 7 Crosland kids! Great to have everyone together, even for just 24 hours. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Goodbye Teenage Years!

I am not writing much on these posts because I am trying to catch up. Yesterday was my 20th birthday! Stefan made it absolutely perfect!! Friday night we went to my favorite restaurant Taggart and then spent the night at Alaskan Inn. It was perfect! Then on my actual birthday we left Alaskan Inn, went and walked through rainbow gardens, went to lunch and went shopping and really just had an awesome day!

New Home

We are so happy that we were able to get into a house.  We have been looking for the past few months and with an amazing realtor Julie Russell, we found our home!


I have been slacking on my blogging so here is some catch up!  Last fall my mom sent an email to the family telling us to start saving our money and that we were all going to Oceanside California and going to Sea World and San Diego Zoo.  It was the first time the whole Crosland family had all been together since 2009. And the first time we have all been together since Stefan and I got married and Amy had baby Logan.  It was a blast!!

So I flew out with Amy and her kids because both Luke and Stefan couldn't come until later.  I got to sit by cute little Callie Goose! 

 It was Logan's first plane ride! He did awesome!

Nothing like playing with Ponies and Princesses on the plane

I love little Cody Man! When we got to Ben and Carries house he just cuddled with me on the couch.

7 of the 8 grandkids!

Stefan got an awesome V neck tan line!n

On the Pier!!

Both Cody and Lucy had birthday's had birthdays in February so we had a shark birthday party for them! 

San Diego Zoo

4 Zoo's in the US have Pandas and San Diego is one of them! They had a baby and a mom and they were definitely the highlight of the zoo for me! 

Logan in a milk coma