Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 6: Jeff and Bonnie

Jeff and Bonnie are my absolutely amazing parents. (who knows why I call them by their actual names) But  I got the opportunity to get really close to my parents growing up. I was the youngest and the last one at home, so I got a lot of one of one time with my parents.  The older I get the more grateful I get for my amazing parents. In every aspect, they are examples to me. They are some of the most non judgemental, spiritual, caring, giving, people who are also so fun and great to be around.  If I go into much detail I will probably cry.  But I seriously owe everything to them. I am grateful for the million times I call my mom everyday and she always is happy to talk to me. And how my dad and I can laugh together and share our love for sweets and watching good shows together... even when I eat all his oreos he still loves me. They continue to help me, teach me, and show me their love and examples still every day.  I hope I can be a parent like they are! I don't know what I would do without them! I love you Jeff and Bonnie:) 

Here are a bunch of old pictures of my parents and I, mostly before I got married. I was lucky enough to go on a lot of vacations with them, especially my mom, who really is more of a best friend than a mom haha. 

My cute dad took my friend and I to dinner. He is definitely known to do that! 

Of course I am grateful they gave me my other siblings.  The original Crosland 7 here at my grandmas funeral. 

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