Thursday, May 8, 2014

A great weekend!

Early last Thursday morning, my mom, Amy and I headed down to Provo to the annual Women's Conference.  What an amazing experience.  I love going down there every year and getting some spiritual enlightenment. We had such a great time and I am so happy that I went.  We slept over Thursday night and were in classes all day thursday and friday!

After women's conference, Stefan and I headed down to Vegas and St. George for the weekend with our good friends Scott and Christine.  We drove straight to Vegas after Stefan's work and pulled into Vegas at 1am.  We had a great time down there. It was so warm! We got some shopping in, and some laying by the pool, despite the tan I didn't get.  

When we were in Vegas we went to the Jabbawockees. When we got tickets they were second to last row, when we sat down a guy that works there came up to us and told us he could get us some better seats.  He moved us to the front row in the center… Heck yes! We were so excited.  During the performance, the jabbawockees pulled Stefan and I onto the stage with them! It was a blast. :)

The reason for the trip was for Christine's birthday! So Sunday we went to St. George and stayed there and Scott and Stefan made us dinner and we bought a cake and celebrated!

Happy 24th Birthday Christine!!


This year we had a great Easter! On Saturday we went over to my parents and Stefan and I played easter bunny and hid eggs for Blake and Callie. It was so fun to help them find them! Then my cute mom had us make the most adorable little birds nests out of chocolate rice crispies and cadbury eggs.  Then on Sunday we spent the day at Stefan's parents, had dinner at their house, searched for our easter baskets, and just had fun with the Brown family!

The Easter banner I made! 

Cute Blake and Callie making our egg nests!

Our nests!

Callie put my little pony stickers all over me! Haha what a cutie. 

This was my attempt to make a bunny out of orange rolls for easter morning…. it didn't work as well as I hoped!