Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grandkids Galore!

This summer was a great one! Because I didn't have school, I had a lot of spare time while Stefan was at work! So I spent many of my summer days with the cutest kids around! My sister Amy lives close so I get to see her kids a lot which is so fun.  My sister-in-law Carly was here with her two kids for the entire summer and Carrie was here with her three kids for a week. Needless to say we got lots of fun in while they were all here! Prepare for a photo dump!

Here was Cody, Macey and I riding the the Can-Am on the way home from the farm one night

One day we went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity and it was so much fun.

Miss Blake


Lucy Jane!

Macey Grace!

Callie Goose!

Girls playing in the water!

Hurricane simulator!

Cute little Logan!

All the girls, and Logan;)

Tornado simulator!

We also did the Ogden Temple open house.  Here are the kiddos outside on the fountain!

Fun day at Cherry Hill swimming and doing the bumper boats!

It was Stefan's nephew Aiden's birthday! They had an amazing party for him!!  

Dunk tank and all!

Fun day at the Davis county fair petting zoo!

Stefan's sister Blair and her family got sealed a few Saturdays ago.  What an amazing thing to witness! I love them and their two cute little boys!