Monday, November 2, 2015

Month of Gratitude: Day 1

For a little while now, every night while Stefan and I are laying in bed, we tell each other four things about our day. The best part of our day, the worst part of our day, something we learned, and something we are grateful for that day. I have really liked doing it, it helps us share more about our day together and to take a second a realize something we are grateful for.  Since this month is really focused on gratitude. I want to blog everyday this month about what I was grateful for the day before. Some might be long, some might be short and simple. Here's to November!

Yesterday was day 1, I am grateful for the freedom that we have. I feel like I have heard a lot about this lately. I am grateful that I am able to write this freely, go to the church I want to, and do the things I want without being punished. I feel like this is something that I take for granted and we are so lucky to have! My mom gave a talk today about Pioneer Trek in her stake conference, and it really made me think how those people were so persecuted, and forced out of their homes. I am so grateful  to live in a place where I have close church buildings, temples, and freedom of religion.

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