Monday, March 28, 2016


I have decided to start a new blog. Just a lot of reasons why and I finally did it. I am hoping to start actually consistently blogging! My new blog is
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Friday, January 8, 2016


December was a great month! Full of family and fun. I love December!! 

Day at the farm! She had a sinus infection this month. So we had too many days at home!! We needed a break outside! 

Lots of sleepless nights calls for naps in the walker... haha! 

Oakley loves her cousins. They take such good care of her! Haha! 

We went to Stef's work party. It was super fun! 

Oakley now LOVES the bath! 

Stef and I have been playing games together a few nights a week. So much better than just watching netflix together. 

Blakey had a violin concert!! And did awesome! 

Our Young women's Christmas present to the girls! 

Christmas baby!

Christmas Eve! We went to Stefan's grandmas during the day, then his parents that night! We had a blast! 

Then Christmas day we were with my family. Also a blast! It was so fun spending time together, and seeing Oakley on her first Christmas! 


Oakley LOVES her new Zebra. 

She started pulling herself up and standing now! Crazy how quick she is getting more mobile. 

This girl and her dog. 

Trader Joes!

Family Pictures and Christmas card!

For Christmas, Stefan's sister was taking pictures of all the grandkids for Stefan's mom for Christmas. While we were there I had her take a few pictures of all of us. Oakley was a GRUMP but we survived. Haha!  

Here was our Christmas Card! Front

And Back! 


November was CRAZY! If you didn't notice that I didn't finish my days of gratitude... But since it's now January, I will photo dump you with our November. 

Stef took the day off one day and we did some adventuring. It was FREEZING. But we drove up the mountain to look at the leaves... that were all gone... and ate lunch at Taggarts! Love days off with him!

Oakley turned 6 months old. 15.2 pounds, 26.5 inches at her Doctors appointment. She still doesn't sleep, she's loud and mobile! She started army crawling about 5.5 months... but she would use her face a lot so she got a little callus on her nose. haha! Love her. 

This man turned 26! On Thanksgiving!! So crazy!! I love him so much. He has been so helpful and amazing with Oakley. He is the best! 

Thanksgiving!!! It was spent with my family this year. We had a blast!

This outfit, I wore at my first Thanksgiving! So naturally, Oakley had to wear it!! 

Our little bug!

While Ben and Carrie and their kids were still here, we went to meet Santa! Oakley did awesome!! No tears for us! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 8: Best friends!

Of course Stefan is my best friend, along with my mom and sister.  But every girl needs some girl best friends! I have the best two ever.  They both served missions the first bit I was married. I am so happy they both got home soon before Oakley was born.  She is lucky to have two extra aunts! I was telling someone the other day that you have a baby and you realize who your true friends are. They have still stuck with me! And we talk almost every day.  I never was a girl friend type person. In high school I had a rough time with girls and  I really lost all of my close girls friends.  Even though I went to high school with both of them, we really became friends after.  Jenni and I became best friends on our Europe trip. And Kylee and I became best friends in college up at good ole Weber State. I look up to both of these girls so much! They are amazing with personalities that anyone would love and testimonies that radiate! I don't know what I would do without them! We were lucky to do a trip together before they both left and I got married. Even though they weren't really friends before, I am so happy that they both came and we had an awesome time!