Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bump Date Week 17

My first official bump date post! I started my 18th week today, but here is a little about week 17. I couldn't do a bump date sooner because I didn't have really a bump yet! It's popped up the past few weeks! 

How far along: 17 weeks in these pictures!
Baby size: Sweet potato- Approximately 5 1/2 inches long!
Baby is: Developing yawning and hiccuping skills this week
Weight gain: 5 pounds so far!!
Maternity Clothes? Not really. I got a few maternity shirts that I have worn just because they are cute! I am in a super awkward stage. My normal clothes are getting slightly tight but my maternity pants I bought are still huge. Luckily my belly is sitting a little higher so I can low ride all my pants a little and still wear them! And let's be honest here, I wear leggings everyday of my life anyways so its not really a change. :) I am definitely running out of church clothes though! Pencil skirts and belly don't work so well.
Belly button: Okay, this was a fear for me. I hate prego belly buttons, but mine is totally getting super shallow and is probably going to pop out soon!! Ah!
Sleep: Not great, poor stef, I take up the entire bed and I am always tossing and turning. He isn't getting much sleep either because of it. He always gets up, makes me food during the night and brings me water if I need it. He's such a cutie. Oh and I can't sleep on my belly anymore, which is annoying because I cannot get comfortable unless I am taking up 90% of the bed.
Moments of the week: For the first time, someone asked me if I was pregnant! I am in the super awkward fat stage where its not really a belly, more just looks like I am bloated and rockin' some more pounds. But a customer at work actually asked me! Haha so luckily the answer was yes.  But when they asked when I was due I said "what?" and pretended like I wasn't pregnant... His face went white and I busted out laughing. Also, people keep touching my belly who know that I am pregnant. Which doesn't bother me. But I feel like they are just touching my muffin top. So I am excited for it to be a little bigger and not so chubby looking.
Pregnancy Symptoms: Migraines! Slowly getting better. Also, I can actually brush my teeth without dry heaving after for ten minutes which is usually what happens.
Cravings: Tonight, I made Stef run to the gas station for some Trolli candy eggs... they were sold out... so I settled for some gummy bears!
Movement: I felt the baby move for the first time this week!! Direct quote from my mouth "STEF! I think I just felt the baby move!!! Or maybe that was gas..." Haha but when I am laying down and not moving I will occasionally feel baby move which is exciting!!
Things that make me sick: Smells. Seriously why does everything have to smell gross.  I can't even open my pantry without holding my breath. And seriously either my dog has been eating something nasty or I just notice that she farts way more... Because it makes me so sick!!
Gender: So I wasn't going to post this, because it isn't 100% but I am going to post it anyways.  A few weeks ago I was getting impatient so we went to fetal fotos!! They couldn't get a great shot, so that is why I haven't told many people yet. But they think it is a girl!! We find out for sure on Dec. 29th.  I was convinced we were having a boy, so I was a little shocked! But very excited either way!:)
Looking forward to: I really want Stefan to be able to feel the baby kick. So I am definitely looking forward to that!!
Stefan: Is adjusting to the thought of having a baby! He is starting to get really excited.  My favorite thing is when he talks to my belly. I think it is adorable. He is such an awesome man, I cannot say that enough!! Love you Stef.

So far, so good! Pregnancy is great. I mean, I have my days. But I am looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. Check out the post before for first trimester and more!

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