Monday, September 30, 2013

A Small Introduction!

To start out I am going to be completely honest... I probably will not be the best blogger in the world. But hey, it's worth a shot! A little about us,  I am Jessi (Crosland) Brown and I married Stefan Brown a little over a month ago.  We started dating back in January, got engaged in May and married on August 15, 2013.      Stefan is working at Prestige Financial in Salt Lake and I am working at Belliston Jewelry in Ogden and we are both attending Weber State, so we made our home at a middle ground in Centerville!  Both of us grew up in Kaysville and we're good ole' Davis Darts, so its nice to live close to home and still see our families often.  Well that basically sums us up! Hopefully I will be getting our wedding pictures back soon so I will post them.