Friday, November 29, 2013


Oh how I love Thanksgiving! This year we spent the day with my family. Ben and Carrie and their kids were here from California so it was great to spend time with them.  We ate LOTS of great food at my moms and then kept up the Crosland family tradition of a movie after dinner.  We went to see "Frozen" the new Disney movie and it was absolutely adorable! One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is when we all go around and tell what we are thankful for. As we went around my niece Blake's turn is next, she sits there for a minute and points at Stefan and I and said "I am thankful for you and you!" and then she was done. I am happy we made it onto her list! Kids are the cutest.  This year I said I was grateful for my cute husband as well as my mom.  I have an amazing mother! She still puts up with me coming over all the time, my panicked phone calls when I am cooking and I've messed it up, going to countless doctors appointments, being there for me during the hardest points in my life and simply for being my constant best friend! I've been blessed beyond measure for the amazing parents that I have. I'm very grateful for them.
I even am grateful for this little pill.  I love how she is always with me and no matter what is happy to see me.  Dogs really are the best. 

And of course I am grateful for all my cute nieces and nephews... This is the newest addition to the family. Baby Logan!

It was a great Thanksgiving being together with the family.  We missed Tyler and Carly and their kids. Next year to the Brown family!

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