Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Goodbye Halloween!

Although Halloween is now over... I still wanted to show you all my Halloween decorations that I made! Growing up I always teased my mom because she decorated for "Autumn" instead of for Halloween... But since whatever I tease my mom about usually comes back to bite me... I found myself making an "Autumn" decoration! Not a great picture, but here is my "Happy Fall" banner.

Then for my actual Halloween decoration! My sister Amy and I made these out of 2x4's.  Super easy and quite cheap to make! 

We had a great Halloween even though we didn't really take any pictures to show anybody.  We dressed up like Vampires and we went out to dinner and to a haunted corn maze with friends! Never been a huge Halloween fan (too creepy for me) but I always love to dress up! It was mine and Stef's first Halloween together! 

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