Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lake Powell 2014

My parents have a time share on a houseboat in June every year.  It is the vacation my whole family talks about all year round and everyone always tries to make it.  This year all 19 Crosland's made it as well as our adopted mom Sandy (one of my parents good friends who is basically family). I didn't take many pictures this year. But I will share with you what I have. My cute sister Amy and her husband were in charge this year and we did a Survivor theme.  We were broken into teams and all got buffs in our colors and we had survivor activities everyday. It was so much fun! It was a little big different of a trip because of the 8 grandchildren all under 7. But we still had an awesome time!

Stef and I 

Iceberg Canyon

These are our awesome Survivor flags!!

Sexy man taking selfies

An early morning wake boarding run and I was a little tired… 


Callie Goose

Tubing! Callie fell asleep every time she got on the tube and would almost fall off! Then when you would take her off she would cry because she wanted to tube!

This was one of the many trips to costco before we left! When we bought all the stuff we forgot we had to somehow get it home.. 

The Accolade

Stefan had to go home two days early and be responsible and go to work… Him and Kevin both left early and we missed them! 

Me and Clara Mae 

Us and all the grandkids!

We had an awesome time!! Thanks to my parents for taking us and Amy and Luke for planning the activities.  We had a blast!!! Until next year. 

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