Monday, August 11, 2014

Life Lately

I have been a little MIA here on the blog… So here is a little catch up!  A few months ago I got put into Young Women's in my ward.  I have loved it! In June, I had the chance to go to girls camp and it was awesome!! We went down to Fairview, by Manti, for our girls camp. The young women's president's parents live down there with tons of property that we stayed on.  It was awesome. Because we were so close to Manti, we were able to do baptisms at the temple and attend the Manti Pageant and do service at the temple.

Another day we went to Pallasades lake and swam and kayaked and then all had a chalk fight! Here are the leaders.

I am so grateful for my calling and for the wonderful girls I serve with. Our theme was "Get it, got it, good." "IT" being our individual testimony.  

A few weeks later was the fourth of July! 
(for some reason I didn't take any pictures… so all fourth of July pictures I stole from Carly's blog)
Stefan spent the morning fishing with his dad, and I went to the Kaysville parade with my mom, Carly and these four cute little girls!

We did dinner at Oakridge with Stef's fam… sorry no pictures… and then did fireworks with my family!

A few weeks later, Stefan and I went to one of my very favorite places! My aunt Cheryls cabin! It is a REAL cabin, no electricity, no cell service, just you and nature. It is beautiful up there and so much fun. Sadly, my family was going the week after and Stef and I weren't going to be able to go so my cute aunt let us come early just by ourselves. I missed my family, but still so happy we could go.  They do have quite a few added amenities, Cheryl cooks everything on a wood burning stove and there are propane lights and flushing toilets…What else do you really need??

We did some fishing

My uncle Stan and Stef gutting fish.. yuck

The Cabin

We have had an awesome summer so far! Lots to catch up about, but here were just a few things! I've been hanging with the family a lot while Stefan's working, young women's, spending time at cherry hill, going to drive ins, rodeos, all sorts of swimming, golfing and walking our cute dog! I love my little family!

Walking around the ponds at ponds park 

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