Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Past Few Weeks- A lot of Great and a Little Bad!

I definitely have been slacking in blogging, so here is a little recap of the past few weeks! Two weeks ago was General Conference.  It was absolutely amazing! If you want to read the talks giving there go here.  On Saturday night during priesthood session all the boys dressed up and went while my mom, my sister Amy, and Stefan's sister Kelly and I all went to "Stomp" at Kingsbury Hall. It was so fun! Not to mention, we were on the fourth row! Thanks mom!!

Then on Sunday morning, Kelly's boyfriend Kirk had a big waffle breakfast and so we went to that before conference.  Then off to Stefan's parents to watch both sessions with them.  Then we went to my parents for the best thing ever.... SCONES! Yum.  It was a great day to spend time together and with family.  I love weekends because Stefan doesn't have work so we get to just be together!

Then during the week we went on a little date to Station park in Farmington with Kelly and Kirk!

Then on October 11th cute little baby Logan was born!!! Amy and Luke had there third child, finally a boy! He is so adorable.... Let's just say he is not helping with my baby hungry issues... He is so darn cute!

This is him at the hospital

We took a little nap together and seriously I am obsessed with him.... 

Then a little change in mood... Last Thursday I was on my way home from work, driving on Legacy, when I got off the exit I "rolled through" the stop sign (more like didn't really stop at all ;) ) and I got pulled over.... and something happened.... I lost my charm. :( I got a ticket. My first one EVER! Blah. I am so mad. Stefan just laughed at me when I was complaining about the cop and all he says is "Babe, the cop didn't make you not stop at the stop sign..." He's right, sadly. Definitely my fault. But a warning would of worked much better. 

On a happier note, we had a great weekend this past weekend! We really just hung out and didn't do too much and it was great! Saturday night we watched a movie and made Pina Coladas and went hot tubbing! It was great!

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