Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Making Our Apartment Into Our Home

Growing up I lived in an amazing home.  My cute mom did such an great job at making our house feel like a home and even friends and neighbors would comment on it.  After we got married I wanted to do the same for my apartment.  More than anything, I was going a little crazy with the blank walls and empty spaces.  I made it my mission to try to make our apartment feel like home! Although everything is not quite finished, here are some pictures of what we have so far.

Here is our kitchen
(Note the beautiful flowers cute Stefan sent me!)

Our little family room
So I love love love the fact that I have a big window that I can leave open all day-Thank goodness for the top floor.

So there is a really funny story behind this wall color.... When we got the apartment they told us they would paint one 'accent' wall for us and they gave us a list of colors and we chose red! Thinking it would actually be red... and it turned out more of a purple-brown.... Which is another reason I was desperate to fill our apartment with stuff to hide the wall a little... But after time, it has grown on me. It could just be because I am lazy and didn't want to repaint. 

The couch (above) in the bottom of the picture is a fairly large couch... Well we got it off of KSL and got a great deal on it! But sadly when we went to move it in the elevator was broken and Stefan and his friend Drew had to carry it up 4 flights of stairs. Lets just say I am very grateful for my couch especially now. 

About this, first off I haven't gotten my wedding pictures back so that is why there are random people in most of these picture frames because we don't have pictures yet to fill them... and second, we are not going to have quite so many pictures of just us on our wall. They were already in the frames from our reception and I haven't changed them out yet.  We aren't quite THAT vain :)

Our Hawaii themed bathroom!

And now for our bedroom that is the least complete of all the rooms..... I definitely should of made my bed better for the picture but oh well. Just ignore it. 

The "LOVE" on the wall I made.  Just wanted to add some fun color! Yes, these pictures do make us look vain... but hey, we don't have kids yet.  That's what newly weds do is put lots of pictures of themselves up! 

Our front door!

Some little things I love about our apartment!

First, definitely the candy jars.... Notice they definitely are not full.... Possibly because I have a very large sweet tooth!:) 

Second, I LOVE my dishes.  Thanks to my mom! 

And these cute jars!

And DEFINITELY my defuser for essential oils. 

I had two requests for our apartment.  1. A bathtub. I love my baths. And 2. Barstools. I got both (thanks to Stefan's sister for the stools) and I am one happy camper! 

Last, but most definitely not least! My favorite new addition to our home and to our family!

Meet Roxi!

Although she is a handful but I sure do love her!

I have loved living where we are. We have great neighbors and we love the location.  I am grateful that we have chosen to make our home here for now! 

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