Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Potatoes, Potatoes & More Potatoes

 Let's be honest here, I am probably as far from domestic as anyone could get, but I am trying. I had never even lived away from home until I was married so this cooking thing is new to me. So for the first three weeks of our marriage, I think I cooked spaghetti 6 times... Because it was easy, I thought it was Stefan's favorite, and I knew how to make it.  Well I was getting a little sick of it and Stefan admitted he was too and that he really doesn't even like it.  Anyways, Stefan LOVES potatoes, and this one I actually know he loves for sure. So I have started getting creative with my potatoes and here are my three favorites! So this post is for all of you that need really easy recipes. 

Our #1 favorite are these garlic mashed potatoes! I found this recipe on Pinterest and it has become our favorite! You can find the recipe here Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Next, our #2 favorite! These sweet potatoes are like candy!!! Super good, but you can only have a few! I also found this recipe on Pinterest you can find it here Sweet Potatoes
Note: I have made these with both sweet potatoes and the yams and both are great!

Next are my newest found potatoes! This wasn't a recipe I had, my mom's friend told her about them so I will show you how I made them! Super easy. She calls them "Healthy Fries" I wanted to share this recipe it is super quick and easy and tastes pretty darn good! 

You will need:
Red Potatoes 
Olive Oil 
1 Ranch Packet
That's it. Like I said, super simple. 

First, I used these potatoes, I used 4 but they were fairly large. 

I cut mine thin but I know you can cut them more like fries. Simply I just needed them to cook faster because I didn't have much time. 

Next, put them in a ziploc bag and pour enough olive oil in to cover the potatoes generously but not drown them. It depends on how many potatoes you decide to use.  Sorry I don't have exact measurements, simply I didn't measure and I just poured straight from the bottle! Then for the ranch packet and I poured half of the packet into the bag over the potatoes and it worked out perfectly.  But like I said, if you add more potatoes, add more ranch. 

 Then SPRAY YOUR PAN. Then, spread them out on a cookie sheet.

 I cooked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and that worked out great.  I set my cute new timer Carly gave to me! I stirred my potatoes half-way through but I am sure they would have been fine without stirring. 

And now they are finished!! Enjoy!:)

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