Monday, June 16, 2014

The Painting Adventure

A few weeks ago we underwent the project of painting our 'great room' in our house.  This was the first time I have ever painted a house in my life.  So for all those people like me who have never painted before… I learned a lot so here is my advice.

These are my before pictures 

Advice number 1:
Buy pizza because painting when you're hungry is a really bad idea.

#2 Put tinfoil inside your paint trays so you don't have to clean them out!

Advice #3: Get a REALLY helpful husband:)

Advice 4: No need to fix nail holes… I just filled them in with bar soap and painted over the top 
**Disclosure: I read this on pinterest and it worked awesome for our walls because they have the hideous texture on them. But I don't know how it will hold up but so far so good. -So take this advice for what it's worth.**

Advice #5: I don't have a picture but you probably won't be able to paint it all in one day so put your brushes in the fridge overnight when you are done for the day so you don't have to clean them out and they stay wet and ready to go the next day!

Advice #6: Again, make sure you have a really helpful husband. :)

ADVICE #7: My best advice I have to give… HIRE IT DONE. Seriously it was awful and it doesn't look very good.  But it was an adventure for us!

Here is the final product… Not the best picture ever but you get the point. Things around here are starting to look more like us! 

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