Friday, January 8, 2016


December was a great month! Full of family and fun. I love December!! 

Day at the farm! She had a sinus infection this month. So we had too many days at home!! We needed a break outside! 

Lots of sleepless nights calls for naps in the walker... haha! 

Oakley loves her cousins. They take such good care of her! Haha! 

We went to Stef's work party. It was super fun! 

Oakley now LOVES the bath! 

Stef and I have been playing games together a few nights a week. So much better than just watching netflix together. 

Blakey had a violin concert!! And did awesome! 

Our Young women's Christmas present to the girls! 

Christmas baby!

Christmas Eve! We went to Stefan's grandmas during the day, then his parents that night! We had a blast! 

Then Christmas day we were with my family. Also a blast! It was so fun spending time together, and seeing Oakley on her first Christmas! 


Oakley LOVES her new Zebra. 

She started pulling herself up and standing now! Crazy how quick she is getting more mobile. 

This girl and her dog. 

Trader Joes!

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