Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Young Women's Wednesdays: Evening of Excellence

I've been in young women for about a year and a half. I have decided to start posting stuff I have done in young women's on Wednesdays. Last week was evening of excellence.  We did it earlier in the year than we usually do because our president is going to have her baby any day.  We decided on a Picnic theme. We had it outside in the backyard of the young women's president. I was horrible at taking pictures so I only have a few!

We did popcorn as our refreshment. We had a few different types. Tying in personal progress as we "pop into progress" we also had some vases full of popped popcorn around with gerber daisies in them.

As a part of the program I had a 8 girls build a picnic. I had a picnic basket up front full of supplies you would need in a picnic and each girl talked about a value. Here is a little summary of what I had each girl talk about as they pulled their item out of the picnic basket. 
Faith: (blanket)
The blanket is used to give us comfort, and also as a foundation to build our picnic upon. Just like the blanket, our faith gives us comfort in knowledge in the gospel. Also faith is our foundation for all other things to be built upon. We couldn’t build our testimony without faith.

Divine Nature (Plate)
The plate symbolizes Divine Nature. Without the knowledge of our divine nature, our life would be chaos. Like in the picnic, without the plate the organization of your food would be chaotic all over the blanket.

Individual worth (fork)
Just as a fork is one of the tools we use to feed ourselves, our individual worth and knowing that we are of worth can help to feed ourselves as well as others spiritually.  

Knowledge (cup)
We should constantly be thirsting to gain more knowledge, especially in the gospel, but also in all other aspects of our lives.

Choice and Accountability (food)
When we pack the picnic, we have to make choices on what we want to eat. In life, we make similar choices deciding whether all the choices which we make are going to nourish us and make us better, or harm us. 

Good Works (Spoon)
The spoon is used to serve ourselves our food.  So often with good works we are serving others, whether spiritually, emotionally or physically. When we welcome people into our lives we can feed them in many ways with our serving spoon.

Integrity (knife)
The world is constantly trying to damage and destroy our integrity. As we look at the knife, we can remember that our integrity is worth us defending.

Virtue (napkin)
To be virtuous is to be clean and pure, the napkin at our picnic helps us to keep ourselves clean.

We also did a photo booth and I had made all the props just free hand from cardstock. It was super easy and the girls loved it! We took pictures of the girls together and them and their parents.  Here are the other leaders and I. (missing Kelsey!)

If you are interested in me making invitations for you. Contact me at

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